In recent years the world of global health has been the target of cyberattacks. Especially during a pandemic like now. The cyberattack forcibly stopped all systems integrated into the computerized information system. The internet, staff, and patient administration, as well as disease diagnosis and action information systems, were affected by the attack.

For hospitals that have the readiness of resources, from technical to human, this attack may be faced with manual solutions. However, the scale of hospitals, especially those with referral status and / or international class, also has additional challenges. The number of patients, for example, is certainly very large. Not to mention, there are many patients whose survival is dependent on devices, from in-body pacemakers to breathing support in intensive care, all of whom are connected to the hospital’s information system. Other medical devices are also prone to be mistakenly detected when information systems are attacked by cyber attacks.

Finally, the temporary closure of services can be an option to reduce the risks caused by cyber-attacks. However, of course, patients with high emergency conditions remain very vulnerable.

Of the many cyber-attack events, anticipating a formidable information system in the realm of health is an inevitable choice.

Cyber ​​attack cases during the Covid-19 pandemic also reinforce the importance of data security and hospital information systems. Moreover, with a large number of Covid-19 cases, personal data and medical treatment in hospitals have increasingly become the need to be handled in an integrated system at the same time capable of security.

Therefore, to solve this problem, comprehensive protection is needed in terms of system security. Recruiting qualified information technology (IT) personnel may indeed be a solution. However, the fast pace of development and dynamics of the IT world cannot always be matched by the company’s internal staff. Using the services of a company that is dedicated to IT, including security, is a better choice.

Teldat SD-WAN Solutions is the top choice for health care providers who do not want their network technology to be cyberattacked. One of which Teldat provides is advanced SD-WAN products, which can protect from the latest antivirus to a comprehensive integrated information system security available. with international quality standards.